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Christopher Warner

(407) 773-6423

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Academic Achievements
Professional Achievements
"Star Performer will be Christopher Warner! He has been very on time and precise with all of his work. He never hesitates when he has a question and his listings have been top notch. His writing is excellent as well as his taste in words! Especially for a new intern he is great at communicating, getting back to me and making sure that all of his duties are taken care of! I am very impressed with his work and dedication. "
- Zachary. (Supervisor)
"Chris is an amazing cast member to work with. He is consistently kind and patient with each guest he encounters, and exhibits all four keys on a daily basis. We are very fortunate to have such an inspring cast member to work with."
- Jessica F. (Lead)
"A guest stopped me … to compliment the great service you showed … The guests were impressed with the way you handled the situation and were appreciative of your efforts. Great job!"
- Hannah H. (A.C.)
"Thanks for coming up with the “sign on the windshield” idea for Villains, it works really well!"
- Bradley P. (Manager)
"Great partnership in taking care of the guests. They were so greatful!"
- Amanda B. (Manager)
"Being a model cast member on A.C. We need more cast members like you!"
- Bradley P. (Manager)
"Chris went above and beyond, … Keep up the good job."
- Luis R. (Manager)
"Thank you for your guest service … you have an amazing personality. … Great job!"
- Coralis C. (Trainer)